guerrilla gardening

Guerrilla Gardening

  Design Mine LOVES Guerrilla Gardening!   “Guerrilla¬†gardening is a term used to describe the unauthorized cultivation of plants or crops on vacant public or private land. For some practitioners, Guerrilla Gardening is a political statement about land rights or reform; for others, it is primarily an opportunity to beautify and improve neglected, barren or overgrown spaces. Guerrilla gardening can be conducted either via secretive night missions or openly in an attempt to engage others in the idea of community improvement; regardless of which approach one takes, there are some basic steps that are important to successfully raise plants under the demanding conditions experienced by these gardens.” – Wikihow   ABOVE: Home made Clay Seed Ball, Credit: Art, Science and Ants   ABOVE: Greenaid SeedBombs Vending Machine, Credit: Crisp Green   ABOVE: Bombs Away! Credit: Seedbom   ABOVE: VisuaLingual Seed Bomb Pouches, Credit: VisuaLingual   ABOVE: Sunflowers Add Cheer to […]

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