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Emergency Evacuation Plans

Design Mine Emergency Evacuation Plans Examples Johannesburg Gauteng

Design Mine (Pty) Ltd has designed and created emergency evacuation plans for various companies across the country, particularly in the greater Johannesburg, Gauteng, area. Emergency evacuation plans are fundamental to ensure safety in case of an emergency. In order to design and create emergency evacuation plans for your business, you can either send us existing plans that we will redraw, or we can measure and draw your building. The fundamental fire safety and escape information, as established by your fire consultant, will be added to the emergency evacuation plans. Contact Us to order your custom Emergency Evacuation Plan Below are some examples of emergency evacuation plans designed and created by Design Mine (Pty) Ltd. Our clients include many Shell retailers across South Africa, Steers, Spar Express, Wimpy, GEA and more.

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Emergency Evacuation Plan

An emergency evacuation plan is essential in building and operational safety. It is a visual map that indicate escape routes in case of an emergency such as a fire. Design Mine produces emergency evacuation plans that indicate existing buildings, emergency evacuation routes, emergency assembly points, fire safety equipment, and more.  Emergency Evacuation Plan Above: An emergency evacuation plan for a fuel service station, indicating the existing building, pump islands, emergency evacuation routes, emergency assembly point, fire safety equipment. For more information about an emergency evacuation plan, please contact us for a quote      

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