Sustainability Institute Explorers Website Design & Development

Design Mine designed and developed the website for the Sustainability Institute Explorers.

The SI Explorers are an experienced organisation launching a unique 7 month school-leavers’ program designed as an adventure-based hybrid between a GAP year and University Study. Using 8 different countries as their classroom, participants will be exposed to a range of cultures, environments and professional fields. This exposure will help them define their future career paths while building interdisciplinary thinking skills and global knowledge. Participants who make it to the end of the year will have been physically and mentally challenged across 3 continents in order to emerge with a greater sense of their character and purpose in the world. Attributes which will serve them for life.

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Visit the SI Explorers website:


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South African & International Enquiries
Luke Metelerkamp

Telephone: +27 79 113 8967
Skype name: luke.metelerkamp

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