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All faith in humanity was restored when we recently came across this very inspirational blog by Nerine Gardiner, aka Girl with Cake:

Nerine believes that a beautifully decorated cake can put a smile on anyone’s face. This is why she bakes tasty cakes and gives them away to underprivileged people on the streets of Cape Town.

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 The story behind Girl with Cake

“There’s something about a beautiful, over-the-top, delicately frosted cake that, for a few moments, makes all the bad go away.

Maybe it’s the time and care that goes into planning, baking, frosting and perfecting. Maybe it’s because we associate cake with celebration and joy. Or maybe it’s just the idea that something delicious is waiting for us.

Whatever the reason, cake brings a unique happiness that everyone deserves to feel.

So, for those less fortunate, for those who’ve been dealt a raw deal in life, and for those who just deserve some more love, I’ll find them. And, for a few moments, they too will feel the joy of cake.”

The delicious cakes baked by Girl with Cake:

Girl with Cake writes about each cake she bakes on her blog:

She includes all the recipes, accompanied by mouthwatering photographs! Peppermint crisp tart cake; Nigella’s coffee and walnut cake from her book, red velvet cupcakes, double-layered chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream icing, topped with Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a sprinkling of crushed Ferrero Rocher; and double-layered vanilla sponge with vanilla and pink buttercream icing, a chocolate buttercream icing border and Woolworths chocolate shells are some of the cakes Nerine has baked so far. Any one of those would most certainly bring a smile to my face!

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Giving the cakes away:

Nerine describes the very moving experiences of handing the cakes to those less fortunate than herself.

The latest post on her blog is about giving a cake to Uel, man who, while helping a girls’ group on a camp, dove into a river, bumped his head and was paralysed. Nerine describes Uel as “a man who, despite living through the thing that strikes the most fear into my heart, is happy and kind and wonderful”.

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