Digital Marketing for Architects


Digital Marketing for Architects in South Africa

Many architects have successfully used simple digital marketing strategies, particularly through social media, to grow their businesses. Despite growth achieved by many architecture firms abroad, South African architects generally have not made full use of the opportunities that exist today.

Digital marketing for architects, particularly in South Africa, is an interesting topic that I am exploring at the moment. I have come across some brilliant tips and strategies that I would love to share with other architects in South Africa to grow their businesses.

Social Media Platforms for Digital Marketing for Architects

Facebook and Instagram, the go-to social media platforms, have grown the audience of architecture firms substantially. Pinterest is a fantastic platform for designers, due to its visual appeal. LinkedIn is great for business-to-business marketing. The lesser-known platforms, such as Houzz and Hubspot have been surprisingly successful. An architecture firm in Los Angeles increased their traffic and leads six fold by using Hubspot. YouTube is another platform that works well, particularly considering the growth of video reach on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

While I compile all this information about digital marketing for architects, please let me know if you would like to be on the waiting list for me to share my findings with you.

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